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Genuine Transformation


Divine Design

Embrace Your Unique Identity 

Uncover blind spots and discover super-powers.


Redefine Your Purpose

Become more clear about who you are as God's unique creation. Gain a greater sense of identity, purpose and direction for the future. 

Deepen Your Impact

Create a plan for leveraging your unique design for the greatest Kingdom impact.

Personal Coaching - you bring the focus


The client expresses their desired topic and outcome for the session. The client and coach then spend time exploring all the opportunities, options, and possibilities as it relates to their topic. 


Identify a Focus

After exploring and creating options, there comes a point in the conversation where a clear focus and/or intention becomes evident. This is the "aha moment", where the client identifies what they need to move forward. 


Design Actions

After identifying a focus, the conversation takes a turn toward creating an action plan. In this phase, the coach partners with the client by asking questions that help them identify the best course of action. Ultimately, the client is the one determining the actions they want to implement. 



Once an action plan is set by the client, the last step in the session is to establish some form of accountability. Accountability (whether that be a person(s) or system) is an important part of the process as it provides the support needed to makes strides toward your goals. 

Personal Coaching with a focus on Anxiety


Uncover the thoughts that lie underneath the anxiety


Evaluate perspective


Begin the process of replacing old thoughts with new thoughts


Create strategies for cultivating calm in your life.

*A minimum of 6 sessions required.

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