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Overcoming Obstacles

Reluctance invaded my heart and mind for this adventure.

“Not really sure I want to do this.”

I had just injured my shoulder two weeks prior. Had a cortisone shot and was recovering, but still… I’m old. I had a good excuse for saying, "no". This is a thing for young people. And thing for men. It was a Men’s Ministry activity, after all. Not for an almost 56-year-old woman of questionable fitness level.

But there was another aspect to consider. It was an opportunity to do something with my husband that he really wanted me to do. How often, over our 33 years of marriage, had he asked me to experience an adventure with him?

And, two of our sons, 29 & 26, were joining us on the trek up Mt. Hood. This was an opportunity to have a real-time fresh experience with them. Create a new memory. How often does that happen?

What does it take to overcome obstacles?

For me, my desire for one outcome had to overcome the obstacles in my heart and mind.

What obstacle or obstacles are you facing? What is holding you back? What do you really want?

Photo taken the afternoon before our climb.

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