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Puzzling Emotion

Tears burned behind my eyes. Feeling embarrassed at this public display of emotion, my head dips down. But my eyes are magnetically drawn back to the figure before me. I openly weep. Fingers swipe them away, hoping no one sees.

I had been here before standing in the crowd staring. But the beauty of this creation touches me deeply. Why? What compels me to gaze again and again? Yes, it is astounding craftsmanship. Yes, it’s gigantic. Yes, it’s a fantastic tourist destination, with lines wrapping around the block to get in to see it. Yes, it’s Michelangelo’s famous work. The artist inside me is amazed that this was once just a big piece of stone.

I am asking myself, “Why are you crying?” This is silly. My throat, even now, constricts and my eyes flood again as I remember the moment. What is it, Lord?

The look on his face. The confidence he displays in His Lord. His determination to “show all the earth that there is a God in Israel and to show all those assembled that the Lord does not deliver by sword or by spear; for the battle is the LORD’S “and God will be victorious. The courage he shows facing a giant. David facing Goliath is a story of great inspiration.

But it’s more for me. I am drawn to the back story. Knowing that God uniquely crafted David for this moment. God has prepared him; gave him strengths, personality, and gifts that set him up perfectly to walk into these good and courageous works. David obeyed and cooperated with God at this moment, using all his knowledge and skill (from shepherding sheep) and wisdom (from years of enjoying God’s presence).

He was just the youngest son who spent his days watching after his father’s sheep. His brothers mocked him, “Why have you come down? And who is watching those sheep? I know your insolence and the wickedness of your heart; for you have come down in order to see the battle.”

Despite his circumstances, his age and size, his brother's critique, and the cowardice surrounding him, David’s experience of seeing God deliver him while protecting the sheep from lions and bears prepared him for this day. His years of privately worshipping God on the hillside with sheep as his companions with the expanse of creation around him primed him. His deep conviction in the majesty of God propelled him.

David’s divine design enabled him to walk in the good works God had prepared in advance for him to do. What a beautiful inspiration and epiphany. It is this thought that brings me to tears. Our God does this still. He prepares each of us. He lovingly gives strengths, personality, and gifts. Even the struggles and difficulties in our path provide opportunities for us to be prepared. What if each of us was made for such a time as this? Divinely crafted. Divinely called into good works to faithfully give God’s grace to others.

God has something for each of us that only we can do. It’s easy to get discouraged when we compare ourselves to others. But when we realize that before we were even born, God has a specific plan and purpose for each of us, we can be content and keep our focus on what God wants each of us as individuals to fulfill. We are each bearing God’s image in a unique way. We are His ambassadors in this weary world shining His light, showing His Way.

I am passionate about helping people discover how God has uniquely crafted them and then helping them see what good works God has prepared in advance for them to walk in. And this is what I love to do. This process of discovery hits me at my core. This is God’s calling for me. I am humbled. Thankful. Grateful. And teary-eyed. Maybe it’s not so puzzling after all.


How confident am I in my knowledge of my unique personality?

What are my “superpowers”?

What are the strengths that help me accomplish my goals?

What are my top five spiritual gifts? How am I investing them?

What passion has God given me?

What breaks my heart?

What is my purpose?

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