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What Is Coaching?

Is Coaching just another name for Counseling?

Actually, no.  Counseling is performed by a mental health professional and is extremely important for dealing with unresolved trauma or clinical/medical issues. Coaching is not clinic therapy, and is most effective when underlying mental illness is being appropriate treated by a medical professional or licensed therapist.

Coaching starts with where you are today and looks forward to where you want to be. Think of an sports coach introducing a new playbook to his team, making adjustments to reach the championship. While there is a helpful place for your past story, coaching is mainly looking ahead to the chapters yet to be written.

Coaching is a collaborative journey that helps you identify and achieve goals, a relationship built on trust and mutual respect, an alliance that is designed by you and your coach for the purpose of helping you realize your full potential.


A coaching relationship involves:

  • Active listening

  • Asking powerful questions

  • Expanding possibilities 

  • Identifying obstacles 

  • Focusing on forward progress

  • Looking for different perspectives

Why use a coach?

  • Achieve more in less time with greater life satisfaction

  • Grow forward in belief and function

  • Accelerate learning

  • Move from frustration to fulfillment

  • Support for life transitions

  • Create accountability

  • Discover and maximize strengths

  • Catalyst for change

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